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The Missing Eleven Days!

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Nothing whatsoever happened in British history between 3 and 13 September 1752. The British Calendar Act of 1751 proclaimed that in Britain (and Americn Colonies) Thursday 3 September 1752 should become Thursday 14 September 1752.

The Gregorian calendar

The Gregorian calendar is the one most used nowadays. It is named after Pope Gregory Xlll who introduced it in 1582. There is a leap year every four years (or more precisely, 97 leap years every 400 years). This means that the year corresponds closely with the astronomical year (365.24219 days) so that it is just one day out every 3,300 years.

The Julian Calendar

Up until 1753, the calendar we used in Britain was the Julian Calendar. It was 365.25 days long, which was fractionally too long, and the calendar over time fell out of line with the seasons and thus was less accurate than the Gregorian Calendar.

All change - "Give us back our 11 days!"

In 1752 Britain decided to abandon the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian. By doing so, 3 September instantly became 14 September - and as a result, nothing whatsoever happened in British history between 3 and 13 September 1752.

Many people believed their lives would be shortened. They protested in the streets, demanding "Give us back our 11 days!"

Also on this day......

3 September 1939 - WW2 declared
British ultimatum to Germany, demanding halt to invasion of Poland (which started on 1 September 1939), expired at 11am, GMT, 3 September 1939. At 11:15 AM, in a radio broadcast, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced the declaration of war against Germany.

3 September - Cromwell Day
Oliver Cromwell died on this day in 1658. The day is commemorated with an open air service in front of his statue outside the Houes of Parliament in London. Cromwell was an English military and political leader best known in England for his involvement in making England into a republican Commonwealth and for his later role as Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

3 September - Merchant Navy Day
The day remembers the 30,000 men of the British Merchant Navy who were lost between 1939-1945. For almost six years during WW2 barely a day went by without the loss of merchant ships and their crews.


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