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Kilburn Feast

The Kilburn Feast is a seven mile foot race up to the White Horse, a giant hill figure carved on the side of a hill overlooking village of Kilburn in North Yorkshire.  The White Horse, at 318 feet (97 metres) long by 220 ft (67 m) high, is believed to be the most northern and possibly the largest White Horse in Britain.

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The White Horse was marked out by local teacher John Hodgson and his pupils in 1857 and cut by local workmen.
The idea was to match the chalk figures found in the Downs in Southern England.

Hill figures

A hill figure (chalk figure) is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology. In some cases, where chalk is not present, other material is placed inside. Hill figures are designed to be seen from afar.

Most hill figures in Britain are seen on the sideof chalk hills in southern England. There origins are often shrouded in mystery or lost in tme, so the reason why they were created is usually unknown

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