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Your Guide to
British Life, Culture and Customs

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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
Your Guide to British Life, Culture and Customs
Woodlands Junior School is in the south-east corner of England is our new quick entrance to our British life and Culture website


Our British Life and Culture website will tell you some of the fascinating facts and information about our beautiful country, in a way that is easy to read and to understand. We have mainly written about England, as that is the country within the UK where our students live.

Britain is the birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare and the Beatles; home of the world's largest foreign exchange market, the world's richest football club - Manchester United , the inventor of the hovercraft and the JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. From Scotland to Cornwall, Britain is full of customs and traditions. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange. But they're all interesting and are all part of the British way of life. Throughout this section of our website you will have the chance to discover many of our customs and traditions.

We receive many e-mails from our visitors who want information on England and Britain. In this section of our web site our students answer some of those questions. You will find out about our home, family and religious life as well as schools and how we spend our leisure time.

We have over 13,500 pages on Britain, so you are sure to find what you are looking for right here!

Great Britain / Britain


United Kingdom

  iconBritish Culture
Alphabetical list of topics covered in our website
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iconThe Making of the UK
What's in a name?, the different countries, history, flag, economy

folder icon iconDaily Life and Everyday needs
Houses, Leisure, Sports, Work, Family, Shops, Food and Drink, Clothes, Music, Travel, Money, Cost of Living .....
folder icon tabEducation
The different schools, curriculum, uniform ......
folder icon iconBritain Today
The People, Teenagers, Population, Religion, Migration, Social Class, Stereotypes, Language, Regions of Britain, Economy, Etiquette and Manners, Superstitions ...
folder icon iconClimate / Weather
folder icon iconHow Britain is governed
Parliament, Government, Prime Minister
folder icon iconThe British Royal Family
The Queen - her role, Family, Castles, Guards, Royal Ceremonies....
folder icon Symbols of the UK and Great Britain
Flag, landmarks, National Days, Patron Saints, Emblems, Costume, Coat of Arms, Motto ...
folder icon Festivals / Holidays
Special Days, Events, Religious Holidays, Bank Holidays,
folder icon Practicalities for Visitors - Essential things to know before arriving in the UK
folder icon Glossary of British Words
folder icon Questions asked by Students learning about England
folder icon Classroom Activities
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Questions asked by Teenagers



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Which girls and boys names are popular in England?
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What superstitions do you have in England?

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 What animals do you have in England?

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 What time is it in England now?("daylight savings time")
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 Where can I find activities and worksheets on England for my students?

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 Where can I find maps of England, Britain or the United Kingdom? (Maps)
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 Where can I find a map of the regional areas of England?
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 Where can I find a map of the counties of England?

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 What are your cultural Do's and Don'ts?
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 What are the social customs of England?
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 What eating manners are there?

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  National Anthem and Songs

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 What is the British national anthem?

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 Where can I find songs associated with England / Britain? (songs)

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