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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales

image: titleLondon 2012 Olympics

Teaching Resources

Woodlands Junior School is in the south-east corner of England

2012 Olympic Sports | 2012 Olympic Venues | Symbols of the Olympic Games

The build up to the 2012 London Olympics provides an excellent opportunity to engage students all round the world in learning about Britain and the countries within (England, Scotland and Wales). Below I have suggested some activity ideas for across the curriculum.

Click here for facts and information about LondonClick for facts about London

 image: ringsTeaching Resources and Activity ideas for the London 2012 Olympics

Write rules for one of the sporting Events.
Write a newspaper report on an event
Find out about the rings and what they represent. (worksheet) (website) (image)
Write and perform a speech after winning a gold medal in an event
Write a biography of an athlete attending the Games (GB Team)

Draw a bar chart of the medals won and work out what percentage of medals were won by each country. (ICT Link)
How much will it cost you to travel to the Games by car? ( website to workout milage )
Maths Worksheets on an Olympic Theme

Ancient Greece ( website )
Olympics Timeline ( website )
The ancient Olympic Games ( BBC website)

Where is London ( website )
How far is London from you? ( website )
Country report on Great Britain ( website )
Track and compare the Weather in London with where you live (website)
What type of land features support the Olympics?
Identify on a map where past Olympics have been held. ( map )
Draw the flags and find a fact about each country taking part. (flags)

Event venues of the 2012 London Olympics

Central London map (pdf) | Bus map of Central London

Investigate how to keep an athlete cool during the Games.
Investigate the best trainer shoe

Art and Design
Design a new logo for the London Olympics
What symbols and signs can you identify?
Paralympic and Olympic Sport Symbols
Olympic and Paralympic pictograms,
medals and emblems

Spreadsheet on medals won by each country.
Multimedia presentation on London
Create a leaflet about London


Get Set
Get Set is the official London 2012 education programme established to capture the imagination of young people worldwide. It offers a huge variety of opportunities, with teaching resources targeted at 3 - 19 year olds. There is a whole range of flexible, interactive learning resources designed help you start your pupils thinking about the Olympic and Paralympic Values - with games, factsheets, films, news articles and much more.

More Information:
Visit the London 2012 Get Set Education website

British Olympic Association: Education
UK Olympics website
More Information
Visit the British Olympic Association: Education

Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
DCSF website on the Olympics
More information
Visit the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)


2012 Olympic Sports | 2012 Olympic Venues | 2012 Olympic Teaching Resources
Symbols of the Olympic Games

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