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British Life & Culture
Unusual British Customs & Traditions
by Mandy Barrow

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Strange, bizarre, wacky, eccentric and even mad festivals still taking place in Britain today

Calendar of unusual Customs and Traditions
in England, Scotland and Wales

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Well-Dressing Derbyshire May - September

Well dressing is one of Derbyshire's and the Peak District's best known, most popular and colourful customs. It dates back hundreds of years, and though there have been religious associations, the true origins remain unknown.
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well dressing

Dickens Festival. Rochester, Kent

A festival to celebrate the life and work of the great novelist Charles Dickens.
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Midsummer Bonfires Cornwall

A chain of bonfires is lit one after another on hilltops from Lands End in the far South West to Kithill on the border with Devon in the East. They are a celebration of summer, lit on the eve of longest day (the evening being the start of the celtic day).
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Nettle Eating Contest Marsham, Dorset

Held as part of a charity beer festival at the Bottle Inn in the village of Marshwood near Crewkerne, the event attracts entrants from around the world. Challengers attempt to out eat the current champion nettle-eater.

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