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Yorkshire and Humberside

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Yorkshire and the Humber

South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire,
East Riding of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire


Around five million people live in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It covers most of the traditional county of Yorkshire, along with the part of northern Lincolnshire that was previously in Humberside.


The landscape of the Northeast is very varied.

In the west are the Pennines and their foothills, which are divided by the Dales, long valleys that run from east to west. The highest Pennine peak in Yorkshire is Cross Fell (790 metres). Fast-flowing streams, pass through the Dales and join the river Humber. The area boasts spectacular waterfalls and a scenic limestone landscape around Malham.

In the east, the rolling hills of the moors are covered with heather.

As well as thriving towns and cities, it has more National Park land, historic houses and castles than any other region

National Parks

Both the Dales and the North York Moors are National Parks.


Engineering and textiles are the region's two top industries, and are concentrated in West and South Yorkshire. Sheffield's silver and steel industries have a worldwide name. For many years Yorkshire's coalfields provided much of the fuel used in British industry, but most mines have now closed.


Dairy farmers in the Dales make delicious cheeses such as Wensleydale and Swaledale. The moors provide rough grazing for sheep.

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